Biggest Engagement Ring Trends Of 2021

Diamonds may be forever, but even the traditional engagement ring isn't immune to a trend or two. While classic designs will never go out of style, it stands to reason that the completely traditional route is not for everyone.
And while Hollywood A-listers might not be the barometer for everything (or even most things) in life, their increasing tendencies towards unconventional engagement rings are perhaps a mirror for our continually evolving tastes, reaffirming our desires for something a bit more unique, and a bit more 'us'.
Naturally, as with most things, styles and fashions ebb and flow with times, and while the engagement rings of 2020 made their presence known, and we saw the rise of oval-cut diamonds, crown bands and colored stones like morganite and tourmaline, 2021 is set to both continue and deviate from a number of these trends.
So, whether you've a potential proposal on the horizon or simply want some design ideas to file away, here are the biggest engagement ring trends of 2021.

  • The variation in tones and shades that blue sapphires come in makes them appealing to a wide audience; they're also very hard wearing and don't come with quite the same price tag as a diamond, which definitely adds to their popularity.
The Gypsy Setting (Pictured)
  • Last year, we saw the revival for the 'Gypsy' ring or 'flushmount' setting [which sees the stones sit flush in the surface of the band], I think this design will continue to be popular with the chunky jewelry fans, and I'm looking forward to seeing more tourmalines featured.
Pear-Shaped Diamonds
  • I predict the pear-shaped diamond will come back into style. I love using them, they are interesting yet don't have the harsh feel of more square cut stones. They also hide imperfections well (as with brilliants). I like to set them in delicate white claws to show them off.
Colored Stones
  • I'm definitely seeing a real movement towards colored gemstones—from salt and pepper diamonds to tsavorites and tourmalines—with modern brides eschewing the traditional three-stone diamond ring and looking for something a little more unusual. I believe now more than ever clients are searching for something different to the traditional engagement ring. The clients brief is often for a piece, which will stand out from the crowd. Colored stones do this perfectly you can be as unique as you wish with the color as the options are endless.
  • A pearl is a cool alternative to a diamond in an engagement ring. You can make a serious statement piece, as you aren't constrained by the size of the centre stone and their luminous surface can be as beautiful as any diamond. They look amazing combined with diamonds and work with both colors of gold. Beware though—a pearl is soft, so if you're using it in a ring, it needs a level of protection.
Shape-Driven Designs
  • Dynamic and dramatic designs have been capturing imaginations over the last year, and they are becoming increasingly bolder in 2021. Geometric settings or elegantly curved lines make up many of the engagement pieces I am currently working on in my studio. It is a real joy to focus on the simplicity of the shapes requested, giving room to explore exciting textures and finishes and of course dramatic and delicious large centre gemstones and diamonds.

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