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Jourdan Shelton is the founder and owner of JB Jewelry Co., a jewelry design and consulting business in Denver, Colorado. She has over 15 years of experience in the jewelry industry, and has worked in various roles, from retail sales to gemology. She is a certified gemologist and jewelry consultant, and is passionate about helping her clients find the perfect jewelry for their needs.

Certified Gemologist

Jourdan Shelton

I was first introduced to the jewelry industry when I started working with a gentleman who wanted to open an independent jewelry store to cater to private clients. As an assistant, I quickly learned the ins and outs of the jewelry business but was eager to learn more. I decided to educate myself in New York City at the Gemological Institute of America, where I eventually became a graduate gemologist. After that, I moved to Los Angeles where I was mentored by a few industry professionals, and soon became the manager of a store in Beverly Hills. I worked there for nearly five years before I decided to move back home and open my own company, JB Jewelry. I have now been successfully in business for 8 years.

I am the proud mother of three small children, they bring so much joy to my life and have given me so much purpose outside of my career. In my personal time, I can be found spending time with family and friends and staying active exploring all the wonderful things Colorado has to offer.

Jourdan B. Shelton
Gemologist   |   Jewelry Consultant
Founder of JB Jewelry

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Whether it is appraisal, buying or selling, JBS provides a unique and flexible process to accommodate all your jewelry needs.


Trust is the most important asset.

Clients entrust invaluable pieces of jewelry with JB Jewelry to create new legacy pieces to pass down through generations.

We provide A-Z services for every jewelry need.

JB Jewelry works with entire families to accommodate their needs at their specific stage in life, whether it be engagement rings, push present, selling a ring after a divorce, or evaluating a lost ones estate.

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Certified Gemologist

We stand on true education in the vast world of gemology.

Our JB Jewelry founder has a graduate degree from Gemological Institute of America – the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls.

Our experience is built on over a decade of time spent as professionals in the jewelry industry.

For over a decade, from Beverly Hills to New York City, JB Jewelry has served clients and created generational relationships with our satisfied clients.



We are dedicated to every client equally.

It doesn’t matter if you spend $3,000 or $300,000 dollars with JB Jewelry, every client receives the same level of attention and detail.

Our passion is the shared experience that we have with every unique client.

JB Jewelry creates relationships that lasts, we attend client weddings, help them pick out their weddings dresses, and even allowed them to borrow jewelry for the big day.